Payment Information

To assist in paying accounts more efficiently and conveniently IC Frith will shortly be offering clients a facility for payments to be made through the internet. 

The secure payment gateway, supported by National Australia Bank, will accept credit card and electronic payments quickly and reliably, 24 hours a day. All account information will be stored on NAB's database and clients will be protected by the bank's standards for information security.

Pending availability of the online payment facility below is a list of our existing payment options. If there are any payment queries please do not hesitate to contact your nearest IC Frith office.

Direct Deposit

To deposit funds directly into our bank account please contact our office for bank details. You may be requested to forward a confirmation of payment email to our office detailing the amount paid, policy number and insured name for cross reference purposes.

Cheque or Money Order

Please make cheques or money orders payable to IC Frith & Associates. Attach the cheque or money order to your remittance advice and forward to our office.

Credit Card

Please detach the credit card payment section of your remittance advice, complete the information and forward to our office. Alternatively, please contact your nearest IC Frith office to make your credit card payment over the phone.