Work Experience Protection Insurance

IC Frith offers Work Experience Protection Insurance for workers or students undertaking activities in unpaid work experience positions. Work Experience is beneficial for those who might be studying but still require practical experience and hands on knowledge or for those who may wish to explore a career change, but require occupational experience for this move.

At IC Frith, we understand this and for more than 20 years we have assisted our clients with organising appropriate insurance to provide them with sufficient cover to commence unpaid work experience with the host employer (or various host employers) of their choice.

Work Experience Protection Insurance provides Personal Accident and now also Public Liability (Personal Liability) cover to the Insured person in the event that they are injured in the workplace or in the course of necessary travel between the person's normal residence and the place of their voluntary activities. Multiple employers can also be covered under the one policy.

Our product is also endorsed by JobJump, the premier website for school and university students which provides up to date careers news emailed directly to your home email address on any of the 100 plus careers on their website. News items are also posted on each career, as well as videos to watch on all careers, a listing of the earnings across nearly 300 occupations and much more.

Please refer to our combined Financial Services Guide (FSG) and Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) incorporating the policy wording for more information. Please note that Option 1 Standard Cover, includes cover for Capital Benefits and Personal Liability whilst Option 2 Weekly Benefits, provides additional cover for weekly benefits and includes the Standard Cover benefits. Option 2 cover is only beneficial to those who are also engaged in paid work aside from their unpaid work experience duties.

The premium is due and payable at the time of application if funded by the applicant and the cost of the premium is calculated based on the cover option and policy period required and risks of the tasks/duties related to the role. The premium is payable by the work experience person or the host employer, and this agreement should be made between the two parties however invoice terms can be provided if the policy is to be funded by the host employer.

Step-by-Step Process – get a quote and take out cover immediately online!

1. Obtain a quotation by clicking the icon on the left. Different premiums will apply for different types of work and durations, so please be sure to provide all the required information in order for a quotation to be provided including a valid email address for us to email you a quote directly.
Please note that cover cannot be backdated and the minimum policy duration cannot be short-termed and any unused portion of the cover cannot be refunded. The applicant can however use the remaining days left of the cover for work experience with a similar employer/type of work within the policy period.

2. If you wish to proceed with the cover, you can continue with organising your insurance immediately online based on the information provided in the quotation.

3. Payment is required on application before the policy documents are released to you via email. We accept credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard or Bankcard), EFT/bank transfer, cheques or money orders. If paying by EFT/bank transfer, please note that the cover documents will not be released until payment has been cleared (please allow 2-3 business days or contact our office to advise of payment).
Please note that payment is required in full upon application and the original policy documentation will be posted to you generally within 1-2 business days.

4. Policy documents are emailed directly to you. That’s it, you are now covered and ready to start your Work Experience!

For further information or if you have any queries, please call your nearest IC Frith office and ask to speak to a representative regarding Work Experience Protection Insurance or alternatively you can email

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